Job Placement with Training Program

Average Car Sales Executives Salaries in BC:

High pay jobs without high education.

Selling cars can be a very exciting job for those just entering the job market.  With some basic skills and willingness to learn, you can earn more than a living.

Automotive Comprehensive Training - Level 1

Week 1 Training: 12 Steps of  Sales Process, 8 Steps of Purchasing Process, 6 Steps of Prospecting and 4 Ways of Handle Objection.

Week 2 Job Placement: Base on your preference, you will have a choice to pick from 3 different career path: Purchasing Consultant, Sales Advisor or Marketing Specialist.  We have connection with 100+  car dealerships in British Columbia. 

100% Job Placement Guarantee

We have good reputation in the car industry. Dealership managers prefer to hire well trained advisor from us, we saved their time on training new employee. Upon course completion, a dealership job offer will be assign in 30 days. If you don't get a dealership job offer in 30 days, your tuition will be refunded.