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Boost your career with our 10 days Sales Training and a Job Placement Guarantee. Land your dream job within just 10 days after your training completion. 

According to Google search, average sales executive earn $83,406 in BC. Beginning your career in auto sales is a well-traveled and potentially very rewarding decision.

Our Job Placement Advisor will prepare your resume and role play the job interview questions with you. It is easier than you thought, because we have good reputation. Our advisor will attend the interview with you to make sure "You're hired.".

This Sales Training course covers essential topics like sales process, buy in process, follow up, lease VS finance, easy prospecting, price negotiation, handle objection, understand your staff and customer mindset.  

Over the years, we have trained 200+ car sales executive in BC. They are well connected in a Customer Referral Group. Once you are hired, we will invite you to join the group. If 25% of the members refer 1 customer to you per month, that's an extra 50 customers.  

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